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Client: Honeywell

This is an interactive 3D presentation of an air starter turbine.  This is the type of turbine that is used to start jet engines.  This presentation will automatically step through five annotated features.  If you interact with the model, the annotation step-through will pause and allow you to navigate and view without interruption.


1) Rotate the model with a left-click and drag.
2) Move up and down and sided to side with a right-click and drag.
3) Zoom in and out by rotating your mouse wheel.
4) You can pause the animation and find any place within the animation using the scrub bar.
5) Click the double-arrow symbol in the lower right to enable full-screen viewing.

Click on the “?” at the bottom right for more instruction.  Click on the settings wheel to turn on and off additional features such as annotations.

This animation cycle was originally created as part of a series of animations that Honeywell presented at the Farnborough Air Show.  We have now re-purposed the dataset and animation for interactive display with WebGL.

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