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                                                   For all of our friends, families, and clients

Click the buttons to play.
 –/+ to Start, stop and to go faster or slower.
Switch button to change between the inner and outer tracks.
Whistle button to toot the train whistle.
Finger pinch (mobile) or shift-mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Finger touch or mouse pointer drag to rotate the globe and shake things up!

Click Here to download on Google Play.
Click Here for full screen.
Click Here for mobile friendly.

This little Christmas gift is a token of appreciation for our clients, friends and families.  We hope that you have as much fun playing with it as we had making it. We’ve been creating more interactive 3D projects this year and decided to make this one just for the fun of it.

We designed this mostly for use with mobile phones but it may not work best on older devices.



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