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Robertson Fuel Systems – a world renowned provider of military-grade primary and auxiliary fuel systems and prime contractor for the U. S. Military – commissioned Studio 522 to design and develop a series of 3D interactive product applications to support both their clients and their sales force.

The second of these apps overviews the ERFS II and RSERFS Fuel Tank systems as well as the FARE kit that is used with both tank systems. These systems are designed for use with the Boeing CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopter.  The app lets users view key components of the three systems, presents overviews on configuration and deployment, and shows one related drop-test video. Designed for use by Robertson’s internal and external customers, the app has a friendly user interface and also supports public access on Robertson’s website.

Click a menu button in the window above to start the app, or click here to play the app in a larger full screen view.

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