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When Jon Curry of Curry Tool Works hit upon his revolutionary new shovel design, he needed the kind of wide spectrum support only Studio 522 could offer.  From initial concept development to 3D models for prototyping to marketing support and advertisement production, he knew 522 was the place.

We helped Jon refine and visualize the final shovel and we used our 3D graphics to generate the CAD files that were used to manufacture the actual shovels.   It is no surprise then that our 3D illustrations for his TV spots, brochures and web ads look just like the real Earth Talon Shovels.

In addition to all the development and prototyping support, we produced the Earth Talon spot currently running on the DiY network around the country.  From initial consultation through product release, we have been working shoulder to shoulder with Jon and his team to make the Earth Talon a reality. Thanks Jon!  It’s been a great ride and what could be better than knowing it’s not over yet!

Once again, Studio 522 and 3D is the answer.

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